Electret Condenser Microphones

Part NumberDimension (mm)Frequency (kHz)Sensitivity 0db=1V/µ Bar 1kHz ±3dBImpedience (O)DirectivityWeight (g)CompliencePDF
DM-35Tø13.6 x 4.5400 Hz ~ 8-90 ±3dB150Hypercardioid3
FM4015P003ø4.0 x 1.920 Hz ~ 16
FM6027L029ø7.6 x 3.120 Hz ~ 16
FM6027W001ø6.0 x 2.7
FM6027W009ø7.6 x 3.1
FM6050W001ø6.0 x 5.0
FM9745P003-1ø9.7 x 4.5
FM9750W002ø9.7 x 5.0
FM9767P002ø9.7 x 6.7
FM9767W001ø9.7 x 6.7

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