Quartz Crystal Filters

Hy-Q International supply a wide range of through-hole and surface mount Quartz Crystal Filters

Through Hole Crystal Filters

Filter TypeFrequency (MHz)Holder StyleComplianceDatasheet (PDF)
10.7 MHz Crystal Filter Series10.7QC53, QC59
21.4 MHz Crystal Filter Series21.4QC44 (UM-1)
45 MHz Crystal Filter Series45QC44 (UM-1)
70 MHz and 90 MHz Crystal Filter Series70.0, 90.0QC44 (UM-1)

Surface Mount Crystal Filters

Filter TypeFrequency (MHz)DimensionsComplianceDatasheet (PDF)
QSMF-100021.4, 457.5 x 5.0mm
QSMF-200021.4, 457.0 x 5.0mm
QSMF-300021.4, 456.0 x 3.5mm
QSMF-400021.4, 70.0, 73.355.0 x 4.0mm
Detailed Filter information is also available by downloading our 'Quartz Crystal Filter Product Guide'

Ordering Crystal Filters

Where possible, filters for a given application should be selected from the Standard Range, and ordered by quoting the appropriate filter type. If the application is such that a custom filter is required, then our sales team are available to discuss the specification and to obtain the best compromise between performance and the unavoidable cost of design and development.

Standard Filters:
Hy-Q International offer a range of standard filters which cover the most common applications.
These all fall into the following groups:
● Channel Filters
● Filters for HF applications
● Filters for VHF applications
● LC Filters
Full details are given in the individual data sheets.

Non-Standard Requirements:
The following is the minimum information required for the specification for a non-standard filter.

Request For Quotation

To request a crystal filter quotation, simply fill in the form below with the following information.
* Mandatory Fields represent the minimum required information. To minimise cost, over-specification should be avoided.

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